Getting started with the Blackfynn Agent

Configuring the Blackfynn Agent

The first step is to configure the agent to use your Blackfynn account by registering an API key/secret. Use the Blackfynn web application to generate an API key

Navigate to the folder where the Blackfynn Agent is installed. Look here for the default locations for each operating system. Now, create a profile to use with the Agent using the profile create command. Provide a profile name and the API key and secret that you created in the web application.

blackfynn_agent profile create
Create a new profile:
  Profile name: [default]  myProfile
  API token: xxxx
  API secret: xxxx

Verify that the newly created profile is selected using:

blackfynn_agent profile
Current profile: <new Profile>

If the newly selected profile is not selected as the active profile, use the profile switch command to switch the active profile to the newly created profile. To verify you can access your account, use the whoami command to request some information about your Blackfynn account.

blackfynn_agent whoami
| NAME            |                                      |
| USER ID         | N:user:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx         |
| ORGANIZATION    | User Oganization                                    |
| ORGANIZATION ID | N:organization:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx |

Getting help

You can find documentation for the agent using the --help option. For example:

blackfynn-agent --help


blackfynn-agent upload-status --help