Upload files to the Blackfynn platform


blackfynn_agent upload [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <paths>...


    --dataset <dataset>    The ID or name of the dataset to upload to.
                           Example: --dataset=N:dataset:1234abcd-1234-abcd-efef-a0b1c2d3e4f5 or
                                    --dataset="My dataset" [default: ]
    --folder <folder>      The ID or name of the folder to upload to. If it doesn't exist, it will be created
                           Example: --folder=N:collection:1234abcd-1234-abcd-efef-a0b1c2d3e4f5 or
                                    --folder="My Samples"
-O, --output <output>      Sets the output format [default: rich]  [possible values: simple, rich]


-f, --force        Bypass the file selection confirmation prompt
-h, --help         Prints help information
    --legacy       Use the legacy S3 uploader instead of the Upload Service for this upload
-r, --recursive    Recursively upload all folders in a directory.
                   This argument will be ignored if multiple files are specified instead of a single directory
-V, --version      Prints version information


<paths>...    Paths of the files to upload.
              If a single path is provided, it can be a directory from which to upload files