Check the upload status of files; resume and cancel uploads.


blackfynn_agent upload-status [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


    --cancel <ID>...           Cancel an upload by its ID
    --completed <completed>    View last N completed uploads
-O, --output <output>          Sets the output format [default: rich]  [possible values: simple, rich]
    --port <port>              The port to listen on
    --retry <ID>...            Retry an upload by ID


    --cancel-all        Cancel all uploads, regardless of status
    --cancel-pending    Cancel all pending uploads
    --failed            View failed uploads
-h, --help              Prints help information
    --listen            Listens for incoming uploads and does not terminate upon upload completion.
                        This mode is useful for scripting the upload behavior of the Blackfynn command line tool 
                        by sending files to be uploaded over a websocket.
    --resume            Resume queued uploads
-V, --version           Prints version information