upload Upload data from MATLAB using the Blackfynn Agent
    upload(OBJ, DATASET, 'path') uploads all files from the
    folder specified in the 'path' to the platform. 
    upload(..., 'folder', TOFOLDER) uploads the files to the
    folder TOFOLDER on the Blackfynn platform. TOFOLDER should
    be an object of class BFCOLLECTION in the specified
    upload(..., 'include', 'includeStr') will only upload the
    files that match the 'includeStr' expression.
    upload(..., 'exclude', 'excludeStr') will exclude files
    that match the 'excludeStr' expression.
    NOTE: When using MATLAB to upload files to the platform,
    each time the upload command is used, the exisiting queue
    is flushed. Therefore, you should never run multiple
    concurent upload sessions using MATLAB.
Method Details
Access public
Sealed false
Static false