move  Moves objects to a destination collection
    OBJ = move(OBJ, DEST) moves OBJ to a new destination DEST
    where DEST is a BFFOLDER, or BFDATASET object where the OBJ
    will be moved to.
    OBJ = move(OBJ, 'dest') moves OBJ to new destination 'dest'
    where 'dest' is the id of the folder or dataset that OBJ is
    moved to.
        BF = Blackfynn()
        PKG = BF.dataset(1).item(1)
        FOLDER = BF.dataset(1),item(2)
        PKG.move(''N:package:ae8d7f6f-f35a', FOLDER)
        Data Packages cannot be moved across datasets or
        between organizations.
Method Details
Access public
Sealed false
Static false