addProperty  Adds a property to a specific model
    PROP = addProperty(OBJ, 'Name', 'Datatype', 'Description')
    add a single property to the model OBJ.
    PROP = addProperty(..., 'mult', true) allows users to add
    multiple values for the property in an instance.
    PROP = addProperty(..., 'enum', [...]) restricts the values
    of a property to the list specified in the array following
    the 'enum' parameter. This array can either be a cell array
    of strings when the 'dataType' is String, or a 1D array of
    numeric values if the 'dataType' is Double, or Long. You
    cannot use this attribute  for 'dataTypes' of Boolean, and
    PROP = addProperty(..., 'required', true) makes the
    property a required property. Users cannot create records
    without specifying a value for this property.
    The 'Datatype' for each property has to be one of:
    ["String", "Boolean", "Date", "Double", or "Long"].
    This function automatically sets the first property of a
    model to be the 'Concept Title'. This can be modified in
    the web-application.
    For example:
        M = dataset.models(1)
        M.addProperty('newProp', 'String', 'Description')
        M.addProperty('newProp', 'Number', 'Description',
        'mult',true,'enum', [ 1.1 2.4 3 4.2 5 ])
        M.addProperty('newProp', 'Decimal', 'Description',
        'enum', int64([ 1 2 3 4 5 ]))
        M.addProperty('newProp', 'Decimal', 'Description',
        'enum', int64([ 1 2 3 4 5 ]), 'required', true)
Method Details
Access public
Sealed false
Static false