createRelationship  Creates a relationship between models
    REL = createRelationship(OBJ, TARGET, 'name') creates a
    relationship between the current model and the TARGETMODEL
    with a specified 'name'. 
    A relationship needs to be created in order to link records
    to eachother. Relationships between records always adhere
    to one of the defined relationships that are created for
    a model.
    For example:
        MODEL1 = DS.CREATEMODEL('model1', 'description 1');
        MODEL2 = DS.CREATEMODEL('model2', 'description 2');
        REL = MODEL1.createRelationship(MODEL2, 'contains');
        Once a relationship is created, you can use the
        relationship to link between records of the respective
       , REL);
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Access public
Sealed false
Static false