BFRecord A representation of a metadata record
    Supports local changes.
    NOTE: Because of the way that the MATLAB client is implemented,
    there are a number of properties names that are restricted as they
    are used for internal logic. If you create models on the Blackfynn
    platform with property names that match the following list, this
    might result in errors in the client.
    Restricted property names: {'createdAt', 'updatedAt', 'createdBy',
    'updatedBy', 'session_', 'id_', 'type_', 'updated_', 'model_',
    'dataset_', 'propNames_'}
Class Details
Superclasses BFBaseNode, dynamicprops
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
BFRecord Construct an instance of the BFRECORD Class 
Property Summary
dataset_ The dataset that the record belongs to 
model_ Associated model 
propNames_ Cell array with dynamic property names 
session_ Session ID 
type_ Type of the record 
updated_ Flag to see if record changed 
Method Summary
  getFiles Returns the files associated with the record 
  getRelated Returns an array of related records 
  getRelatedCount Returns relationship info for object 
Static   gotoSite Opens the Blackfynn platform in an external browser. 
  link create relationships between records 
  linkFiles LINKFILE Associates a file with the record. 
Sealed   methods Shows all methods associated with the object. 
  update Update object on the platform 
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed. 
PropertyAdded Notifies listeners that a dynamic property has been added. 
PropertyRemoved Notifies listeners that a dynamic property has been removed.