getRelated Returns an array of related records
    RECORDS = getRelated(OBJ) returns the first 100 records
    of each type of model that is related to the current
    [RECORDS, INFO] = getRelated(OBJ) returns an INFO
    structure in addition to the records that contains the
    total number of records that are related to the current
    record per model, and the number of returned records. 
    [RECORDS, INFO] = getRelated(OBJ, MODEL) Returns the
    first 100 records for the provided MODEL where MODEL can be
    an object of class BFMODEL, or a string with the name of
    the model.
    returns n number of records as specified by the LIMIT and
    OFFSET parameters. LIMIT is a number indicating the
    maximum number of records that should be returned, and
    OFFSET is the index of the first object that should be
    For example:
        [RECORDS, INFO] = getRelated(obj, 'disease', 100, 1)
Method Details
Access public
Sealed false
Static false