link create relationships between records
    OBJ = link(OBJ, TARGETS, 'relationship') creates a
    relationship between the current object and the TARGETS
    objects. TARGETS can be a single record, or an array of
    records of the same model. RELATIONSHIP is string
    indicating the relationship-type. 
    You will need to first create a relationship between the
    models of the record using the BFMODEL.CREATERELATIONSHIP
    before you can assign this relationship to records.
    For example:
        m1 = ds.models(1)
        m2 = ds.models(2)
        m1.createRelationship(m2, 'contains')
        records1 = m1.getRecords()
        records2 = m2.getRecords()
        record1(1).link(record2(1), 'contains)
Method Details
Access public
Sealed false
Static false