BFTimeseriesAnnotationLayer Object that represents a timeseries annotation layer
  Annotation layers contain collections of annotations. A timeseries
  package can have multiple annotation layers, and each annotation layer
  can have multiple annotations.
Class Details
Superclasses BFBaseNode
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
BFTimeseriesAnnotationLayer Constructor of 
Property Summary
description Layer's description 
name Layer's name 
session_ Session ID 
Method Summary
  delete_annotation Removes the specified annotation 
  getAnnotations Retrieves annotations for layer 
Static   gotoSite Opens the Blackfynn platform in an external browser. 
  listAnnotations ANNOTATIONS2TABLE stores all of the annotations associated with a 
Sealed   methods Shows all methods associated with the object. 
  show_annotations displays all the annotations for a given layer object in the console  
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed.