Blackfynn Main class for interacting with Blackfynn platform.
    OBJ = BLACKFYN() opens a Blackfynn session with your default
    OBJ = Blackfynn('profile') opens a Blackfynn session with a
    specific profile as defined by the Blackfynn configuration.
    Blackfynn.SETUP() creates a configuration file for the client
    Blackfynn.PROFILES() shows a list of profiles that have been setup.
Class Details
Superclasses BFBaseNode
Sealed true
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
Blackfynn Main class for interacting with Blackfynn platform. 
Property Summary
datasets Datasets available within this session 
profile User profile of the active session 
session_ Session ID 
Method Summary
  createDataset Creates a new dataset in organization 
  deleteDataset Delete a dataset from the platform 
  get Returns any object based on its Blackfynn ID. 
Static   gotoSite Opens the Blackfynn platform in an external browser. 
  listDatasets Displays a list of datasets 
Sealed   methods Shows all methods associated with the object. 
  organizations Returns all organizations for the user. 
Static   profiles Returns all Blackfynn configuration profiles. 
Static   setup Setup a profile for the Blackfynn client. 
  upload Upload files to the Blackfynn platform 
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed.