Advanced Configuration

Blackfynn Configuration File

Blackfynn stores connection information in your Blackfynn configuration file. Advanced users might want to edit their Blackfynn client tool configuration file directly for control of the client libraries. Alternatively, users can modify client behavior using environment variables.


Your configuration file is located in your .blackfynn/ directory. The .blackfynn/ directory is found in the $HOME directory (Mac/Linux) or the User directory (Windows).

Full path: $HOME/.blackfynn/config.ini


The config file is in INI format. There are three types of sections: [global], [agent], and [<profile>]. You can have as many [<profile>] sections as you want.

Example of the config.ini file:

# Global settings
default_profile = default

# Profiles
api_token = c09be34d-5696-4c49-b174-7fe3fb3194af
api_secret = 87092fd-b3ad-4de9-bf78-2dbcedb7737a

use_cache = false
api_token = c09be34d-5696-4c49-b174-7fe3fb3194af
api_secret = 87092fd-b3ad-4de9-bf78-2dbcedb7737a

api_token = da064188-47e4-43b0-b5cd-91805b7522d7
api_secret = 2a543888-d24d-4958-8833-3311a55e4ed6

# Settings for the Blackfynn CLI Agent

The following settings (and their default values) are available under [<profile>] or [global]:

# Blackfynn API token/secret
'api_token'                   : None,
'api_secret'                  : None,

'api_host'                    : '',

# I/O
'max_request_time'            : 120, # two minutes
'max_request_timeout_retries' : 2,
'max_upload_workers'          : 10,

# Timeseries
'max_points_per_chunk'        : 10000,

# Directories
'blackfynn_dir'               : $HOME/.blackfynn
'cache_dir'                   : $HOME/.blackfynn/cache

# Cache
'cache_index'                 : $HOME/.blackfynn/cache/index.db
'cache_max_size'              : 2048,
'cache_inspect_interval'      : 1000,
'ts_page_size'                : 3600,
'use_cache'                   : True,

In addition to the above, these settings are available under [global]:


To see your current configuration (and any variables), use the Python command line tool:

$ bf profile keys

Environment Variables

It is also possible to set configuration options using environment variables

To switch between profiles in a given terminal session, set the environment variable:

BLACKFYNN_PROFILE="your profile name"

Alternatively, you can specify your token/secret directly:


To control the verbosity of the Python client’s logging:


To specify an alternate directory to use as the Blackfynn config directory:


If the BLACKFYNN_DIR environment variable is set, your configuration file will be:


Additional environment variables and their corresponding config options:

BLACKFYNN_USE_CACHE: 0  (false) or 1  (true)  # `use_cache`
BLACKFYNN_API_LOC                             # `api_host`
BLACKFYNN_CACHE_MAX_SIZE                      # `cache_max_size`
BLACKFYNN_CACHE_INSPECT_EVERY                 # `cache_inspect_interval`
BLACKFYNN_TS_PAGE_SIZE                        # `ts_page_size`